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Meeting Summary

May 10, 2011 HOPSOUTNJ meeting:


Most of the time the Historical Society of Upper Township is concerned with local history starting with the time of the first European settlers, but of course our history doesn’t really start then. This continent was settled thousands of years before that time by what we refer to as Native Americans. Our speaker last night was local resident, Dick Regensberg, former assistant archaeologist for both Delaware and North Carolina . He was in charge of the archaeological dig at the B. L. England plant in Beesley’s Point.

Mr. Regensburg told the packed room that North America has been inhabited for about 10,000 years. DNA testing, C14 dating and sophisticated mineral analysis as well as careful study of artifacts has established this. During the ice age a meteor hit the 2 mile thick ice pack covering Canada which caused the extinction of 35 species of mega-animals like mastodons and 8 foot long beavers. But the ever adaptable humans switched to hunting smaller prey. They have left behind spear points and bone tools. These peoples had a sophisticated trade route. In a burial site found on the Steele farm in Beesley’s Point objects made from stone and minerals from Pennsylvania , and as far away as Michigan and Wyoming have been found.

Many of our members have found ‘Indian’ artifacts in this township. Most of these objects date from 1000 B.C. to 400 A.D. This is because between 1491 and 1620 European diseases reduced the Native American population by 96%.

Mr. Regensburg brought with him a collection of the objects found in this area and explained that an archaeologist must publish his findings or he would be just another looter. Afterward we were free to examine the objects and ask questions.

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Dick Regensberg - Upper Twp. History Meeting - May 2011

Dick Regensberg

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